Azeemia Teachings

The Actual Human Being is the Soul


Usually man thinks that his existence is just this body of flesh and bones.  All his interests and attention remains focused on this physical body and he uses all of his energies and abilities just to fulfil the demands of the body and keep it in comfort.  He does this in the face of the fact that over time all the Prophets, Saints and sages have been telling us, that the body of flesh and bones is not the real human being.  The real human being is that which keeps this body functioning. This Real Human Bring is named as the Soul.

The relationship between the Soul and the physical body can be explained using the example of putting a dress on the physical body to protect it. Whatever the material of the dress, be it cotton, nylon, wool or silk, as long as it is on the body it moves with the body. When you move your arm the sleeve of the dress also moves.  However, when the dress is not on the body it has no movement of its own. The movement of the dress is subject to the movement of the body.  It has no movement whatsoever of its own. Likewise, when the Soul separates from the body upon death and discards this ‘dress’ the body becomes static and devoid of any movement.  Do whatever to this discarded dress or the body of flesh and bones, hit it hard or cut it into pieces, it will not move or resist in any way. It was only able to move and defend itself so long as the Soul had it on. This comparison of the dress with the body proves that the body of flesh and bones, which we know as human being, is not the Real Human Being. Rather it is merely the Soul’s outfit. The Real Human Being is the Soul.