Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the Azeemia Sufi Order:


  1. Maintain spiritual integrity at all times in everything said and done.
  2. Advance in greeting the others irrespective of age.
  3. Be friendly towards the creatures of Allah, the Most High.
  4. Avoid mutual differences
  5. Act upon every advice of the mentor (Sheikh) willingly without hesitation.
  6. Never try to prove the superiority of your Silsila over any other Silsila because all Silsilas lead to Allah, the Almighty.
  7. Anyone in the Silsila who causes trouble or is hypocritical in his attitude should be expelled.
  8. Do not be negligent in performing Muraqba and act upon the lessons and exercises regularly.
  9. Read the holy Quran and contemplate upon the meanings thereof.
  10. Establish your link with Allah, the Most Exalted during the offering of Salat (prayers).
  11. A spiritual associate of any other Silsila can only be accommodated in Silsila-e-Azeemia if his/her mentor (Murshid) has passed away.
  12. Those who have already enrolled in any other silsila cannot be enrolled in this silsila, as according to the law of spiritual initiation (Bai’at), no one can be allowed to take oaths in two silsilas simultaneously.
  13. After one has pledged for submission in this Silsila, one is not allowed to break away. Therefore, one should not be hasty in enrolling. One who is desirous of enrolment must be informed to carefully check whether we are worthy to be considered in this regard or not.
  14. It is mandatory for the people of authority in the Silsila to address everyone as friend and not as disciple (mureed).
  15. People of authority in the Silsila are not to occupy the seat distinction (Gaddi) and to keep a low profile like that of an ordinary common person.
  16. All men and woman, children and elderly, being the descendents of Adam are brothers and sisters to one another. No one is inferior or superior to others. Superiority belongs only to those who enjoy cognition of the Attributes of Allah.
  17. Do not allow any doubt or dubiety to make its place in your heart. One who has doubts can never truly cognise Allah. Doubt is the most powerful weapon of Satan against mankind in taking him away from his soul.
  18. Paintings made by an artist are first of all enjoyed by the artist himself. If the artist himself is not satisfied with his performance, he cannot expect any one else to be impressed. In fact, he might be ridiculed for his poor performance resulting in anxiety and dismay. Therefore it is essential to do those things for which you are satisfied yourself and your conscience is guilt-free. This is the secret, which can enable one to guide others.
  19. Everyone is required to participate in the struggle of life wholeheartedly having full regard for social, ethical and religious , and the laws of the, leaving the results and the consequences upon Allah because man is merely a toy in the hands of circumstances. He is constrained to act as and how circumstances require. Verily, Allah the Almighty is Omnipotent and encompasses everything including all circumstances. He can alter the circumstances as He desires. It is obligatory upon everyone to observe the social, moral and religious values whilst earning a living.
  20. If anybody feels hurt because of you, apologize instantly and ask for his forgiveness irrespective of his status, age, rank or anything else. Greatness lies in submission.
  21. If you are hurt because of someone, excuse him spontaneously because revenge causes wariness and damages the nerves.
  22. Anger causes loss of energy of the nerves therefore refrain from anger and annoyance.

Remember: A candle burns and annihilates itself to provide light for others, by giving every part and bit of itself to the fire. This sacrifice attracts moths and causes them to sacrifice their lives for it.

Silsila-e-Azeemia invites mankind to rally on single platform of: – “Stand jointly and steadfastly for the cause of Allah and do not be divided amongst yourselves”.