Azeemia Sufi Order

When there was nothing, there was Allah. Acknowledgement of His Supreme Being, His Sublime Greatness and His Cherishing Lordship, and exhibition of His masterly creations were desired by the One and Only. Allah decided to create. The plan, formulated in the Mind of Allah materialised with the pronouncement of the Command ‘Be’ (Kun). The Universe including mankind and all other species came into being.

Mankind’s advent to this world and the ensuing increase in population resulted in the occurrence of many problems. Due to the shattering of faith and belief, anxiety and restlessness replaced peace. As Allah Willed, a system for man’s guidance was evolved. Prophets were sent to this world one after another for this purpose. The final prophet of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent to conclude prophet-hood. However, the system of man’s guidance continued. Saintly scholars with the legacy of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) continued to guide mankind.

The Candle of Allah’s message and the torch of His Cognition travels from one hand to another. All spiritual saints are those hands of Allah who carry this torch. Not only do they enlighten themselves, but they also enlighten others. One of nature’s such hands, an enlightened soul, a spiritual master, is the Founder of the Azeemia Sufi Order, Hassan Ukhra Sayyed Muhammad Azeem Burkhiya, commonly known as Qaladar Baba Auliya (Blessed be he).

Birth of a New Sufi Order

As man advances in the field of physical sciences, he is becoming more distant from spirituality. His belief and faith has become weak. Peace has become something alien to mankind. His pursuit for peace attracted him towards the Inner aspect of his being but he was not ready to accept or adopt any theory or methods which had not been proven scientifically. In order to meet the spiritual needs of our time, where nothing is accepted unless it is scientifically explained or proven, the Azeemia Sufi Order was founded in July 1960 after spiritually gaining approval from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The name of the Sufi Order goes after the name of the Founder.

Due to its unorthodox approach and modern ideology, the Azeemia Sufi Order is spreading rapidly throughout the world. No particular dress or appearance is required. Only a sincere interest and devotion for spirituality is the basic criteria for association with the Azeemia Sufi Order. Instead of austere and rigorous rituals simple and easy to perform lessons and exercises have been introduced. This is based upon Muraqba (Sufi Meditation), which was the worshipping style and method exercised by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in the cave of Hira for a long time. The practice of Muraqba helps the spiritual student to start his journey into the spiritual realm.