About us

The Azeemia Foundation UK is a registered charity that works to:

* Promote greater interfaith and intercultural tolerance towards a more peaceful society.
* Support and organise Islamic education to better understand the Muslim faith.
* Help provide aid to those in need.

The Azeemia Foundation also represents the Azeemia Sufi Order that encourages personal spiritual growth in order to recognise the essence of your true self.

The work that the Azeemia Foundation is involved in includes:


Adam Day.  This is an annual celebration on 10th August that promotes peace and unity in society by highlighting the common features that all major religions share.  It provides a platform for people from different faiths to come together and recognise our common values with everybody united in the understanding that we all are children of Adam and all part of the family of humanity.  The key message that is common among the main religions is the belief in the one merciful God, and to live in harmony with everyone.  This event was started by the Sufi Master Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi in Manchester, UK in 2003, and has since spread to other cities and countries with this day being celebrated in London UK, Canada, USA and Russia.

Interfaith events.  As part of promoting greater open-mindedness and patience across different religions we represent the Azeemia Sufi Order at various interfaith events and local charities such as the Greater Manchester Faith Group, the Muslim Jewish Forum, and the Christian Muslim Forum.  Through attending and participating in different events (International Women’s Day, football matches, Diwali, fund raising peace walks) one gains a greater understanding of the different religions, a deeper appreciation of the different viewpoints, and a greater sense of inner peace, and what is meant by the brotherhood of man.


Lectures/Classes.  Azeemia Foundation has organised numerous lectures and classes to provide education on religious and spiritual topics.  The aim of these has been to increase our understanding of the Qur’an, Islam and better acquaint ourselves with our inner being, and so help to lead a more meaningful life.  The lectures and classes are available through the medium of video and audio conferencing and can be attended by anyone at no cost.  They can also be attended in other countries such as Pakistan, USA, Canada, and Bahrain.

Workshops.  Many one to four day workshops or training sessions have been organised and supported by Azeemia Foundation since 1993.  These cover specific subject areas such as: The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Foundations of Islam (Tawheed and Tolerance), Muraqba (meditation), Differences Between Man and Beasts, Spiritual Theory Of Colour and Light.


Funding.  Through the donations of our members we regularly give funds to a charity organisation in Pakistan (Qalandar Shaoor Foundation).  This aid goes to orphans and widows for free schooling and free medical supplies, and has been on-going since the Azeemia Foundation was formed in 1992.  The flooding disaster in 2010 in Pakistan affected many millions of people.  Azeemia Foundation also made a contribution to the relief effort through the assistance of its members digging deep to help their fellow man through this crisis.  Many thousands of blankets, clothing, and medicinal supplies were provided directly to those affected by this natural tragedy.

Azeemia Foundation UK aims to promote peace for everyone regardless of colour, race, or creed through the development of mutual respect for one another.  Our hope is that our message through our work spreads throughout our diverse world and helps to unite us all as one family, and help to revitalise dormant moral values, and bring about a stronger age of tolerance and understanding, leading to a more inclusive civilisation.